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Studebaker EJ Light Six

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Let us know what you find out. A few of us that drive our cars a lot may be willing to buy a spare which may help get the cost down a little. I’m just waiting for the day that number 1 cylinder cracks across the top of my original, weld free head. Most heads I see have a weld in that area or across a couple of cylinders.

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In trying to get a group together to defray costs of fabbing , it might help to post which cars that head should fit...looks like could be 20 to part of 192323 Light Six, EJ, EM models  and possibly Light Six EM balance  of 19231923...BUT I don't have a head gasket listing  for any of those models...

There were some internal changes in 1923 at engine # 16009...looks like heavier wrist pin and valve changes, which could indicate engine update maybe affecting head...... 

Are the two Stude groups (Stude Owners abd Stude Drivers Clubs still sepaate groups??

NOTE: I don't know why that catalog (1930 McCord) doesn't show this engine---it lists a 1918-19 4 ctl, a 1918-26 Big  Six and a 1919-20 Special Six ...was this Light Six very .low production, or was it, like P&Hs  engine, something they don't like to talk about?? 

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1920-mid-1923 Studebaker Light Six (EJ and EM). The aluminum head is interchangeable for all these model years. Halfway through the 1923 production run, they change to the cast iron design which also changed the block, intake/exhaust manifolds, and carburetor from Stromberg OS-1 to Stromberg OE-1. 

The Antique Studebaker Club is primarily the pre-war club and uses this AACA forum as their own. The Studebaker Driver’s Club is primarily the post-war club. 

The Light Six was the high volume car and had the modern engine design which carried info future Studebaker models and went to full-pressure lubrication in the 1925 Standard Six.


BTW- Studebaker also had a Light Six EH model in 1919. That is a totally different car so don’t confuse it with the EJ and EM models.  It was more like a Special Six.

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