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Need Continental 16-S 8 cylinder Rebuiding Help

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Hello all,

I am looking for technical information and or assistance to rebuild a 16-S 8 cylinder engine.

Is there a machine located in the South Eastern USA familiar with these engines?


Thank you in advance,


16-S Continental 8.jpg

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Of those similar engines, the 8,10,17S may be less alike, theyre 27/8, while the 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 26S's, the R800, S800, S805 are the 3", all sharing piston assemblies and some valves (don't have bearing info)...
Interesting point   38 Victor catalog says   Blackhawk ( for 1929 (only 8 listed in that catalog) came with 15S, while 1930 and 1941 McCords list the L8 1929-30 with the 16S...maybe Cont'l shopped both??

Always fascinating to rummage thru these old incomplete and not always reliable catalogs...

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A big thank you to everyone that have replied. 

Continental and Wisconsin engines played a major role in the development of the automobile.

I often wonder what the engineers and craftsmen that designed and build these wonderful engines would think knowing that many of them are still in operation today.



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