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A Belly Tank Racer Becomes Sky High Functional Art In A Oh So Cool Way …

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Several years ago I picked up a belly tank

race car that a guy had spent several years

building that was based on a Model A.


The frame was a Model A and the power 

train was also a Model A.


He took great care in planning and assembling it with period fasteners

in an attempt to replicate what someone

would have built all those years ago.


He took it to TROG on the East Coast

and raced it - it made at least one trip

down the shore.




Having achieved what he set out to do 

he had his son put it up for sale on the

Interweb and found a Buyer just out of





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So the son had been following my travels  for awhile on Instagram and insisted that

I haul this - unbeknownst to me.


When I arrived - I took a long video

interview with his Dad the builder

along with pictures.


Then we loaded.




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Rather than tease you …..


I post my travel adventures on Facebook

among other places - I posted a “ memory “

yesterday and the son posted an image

of the race car.




As it turns out - I delivered to & met with

the CEO or Chairman of JD Powers who

turned it into a conference table 👍




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Cool as hell. And well done.........impressive. Shame they made a table out of it. We see so much of that today. Mega wealthy take something and make it artwork. It happens often down here in Palm Beach. The 280k kitchen range hood my buddy made was quite impressive..........all copper and brass. Kind of steam punk look done by a famous artist. He fabricated it from plans...........he had about eight months work in it. What do you think the chance that the people who bought a 60 million dollar house will actually do the cooking? Probably zero. I got to haul it to the site in my closed trailer for them. It was interesting to see them cut a hole in the roof to install it. Insane.....

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Posted (edited)

The Father set out to do a build a run 

and make a pass or two at TROG - he accomplished 

just that.


The racer had self imposed design limitations that would have necessitated



The image montage behind the racer

shows the TROG experience.



This race car couldn’t have higher respect

than to be showcased in this manner.



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