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A Primer on Canadian Pontiacs

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This may be of interest to a few of you, and I am sure it has been discussed before, but for anyone interested, here is a bit of info on Canadian Pontiacs.

Canada had a 2 line dealer system in the post war years, split Chev Olds Cadillac and Pontiac Buick GMC. The other big 3 companies did this also. 

Chev, Olds, Cadillac and Buick were very much the same as the U.S. Cars. GMC was a Chevy truck with GMC grille until the larger ones which were the U.S. Models.

PONTIAC was the line that had the most differences.  I am not real familiar with the 30's cars. (before my time), but in the late 30's GM Canada made some cheapie Pontiacs on a Chevrolet chassis,  with Chevrolet engines, a silver streak down the hood only, and a Pontiac styled dash and front grille. These carried through until 41-2??

After the war Pontiac carried on the idea of using Chevy bodies and chassis for the lower line cars (silver streak) but had the Pontiac 6 cyl engine. That these were basically Chevy chassis was obvious as there were 2 sets of mounting holes for the front engine mounts and a Chev engine would fit in these cars, though, as far as I know none were made with the Chev motor after the war. The 8 was not available in these cars, and the automatic was a powerglide.  As the engine compartment was Chev sized there was no shroud either. This continued until 1954.

 If you wanted a Pontiac 8 you could get a U.S. version but you paid much more.  In 1955 things changed a bit. The cars were built on Chev chassis with a Chevrolet motor, but with Pontiac styling.  From 1955 until 1962 the 6 cylinder in the Pontiac was a car version of the 261 truck engine instead of the 235. these were very torquey and very popular. the 265, 283, 327, 348, and 409 were all offered in later Pontiacs as well as Chev. After 1963 the 6 cylinder was the Chevy 230 / 250 series.  Styling series evolved to include the base Strato-Chief, the Laurentian, and the Parisienne.  Things pretty much were done this way until the late 60's and the U.S. - Canada auto-Pact, which leveled the field between the countries and removed the need for a separate line of cars. The Parisienne name was carried on until the 80's and I believe was sold in the U.S. also. Again a Chevrolet based vehicle that had Pontiac styling. 



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