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67 GS fan to radiator clearance


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Writing for a friend who bought a 67 GS 400.  This car is non AC and as such uses an 17 inch fan without a shroud. It does have a small fan guard but no shroud.

It appears to be missing a spacer between the fan and water pump as the fan blade to radiator clearance is a bit over 3 inches. Also a factory service manual shows a spacer.  

The question is how vlose should the fan be to the radiator so we can start looking for spacers or alternatives.  Can't find this measurement in the manual and hoping anyone with such a set up in their car can provide some guidance 

Thank you


John D

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I can't find a reference to that gap in any of my books here John.  I would guess that any big block car (Wildcat, Electra, GS) without HD cooling (ie. without A/C) will be a similar dimension.  Someone probably just has to measure theirs for you.  

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Hey JD, I asked a 67 Wildcat owner (badgerman) to measure the distance on his non AC Wildcat. Here’s a couple of photos of his clearance. He has only a fan guard, no shroud. 

pic on drivers side to leading edge of fan 

pic on passenger side to leading edge of fan. 


pic of clearance to base of fan. 



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Thanks @dmfconsult.  Ed contacted someone fairly close to us who had the right spacer and fan blade.  He told me he installed it today and the fan is now about 1 1/8 inch from the radiator and after initial testing it appears to have cured the problem.  Further driving tests should be done but this is about as close as one can get and still install the fan without pulling the radiator.   We will see. 

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