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Carter 725 and 726 Carburetors - Interchangable?

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I am trying to find a new/rebuilt carburetor for my 1950 Buick Super Estate wagon. The carb on the engine is a Carter 725 2bbl that seems to have an

endless list of ongoing issues.


Carter 725 carbs were used on 248 cu in straight eights (like mine); Carter 726 carbs were used on 320 cu in straight eights.


I am finding conflicting information on multiple 'antique carburetor websites': some claim it is possible to interchange a 725 with a 726, others claim it

is not possible. I have been able to locate a couple of remanufactured 726 carbs but no luck finding any 725's.


I'm hopeful to get a clear direction from those on the forum who know more about this stuff that I do!


Thanks in advnace for any help



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Kartman did send PM, and the short answer is NO!


The 726s in stock form would run EXTREMELY LEAN on the 248 in stock form. Now, if this is going to be duplicate of one of the cars that ran in the old Mexican Road Race in the early 1950's; and one increases compression on the 248, changes to a racing camshaft, changes the ignition system to magneto, fabricates a set of headers, and changes the rear gears. THEN changes the metering rods, vacuum spring, main jets, and air bleeds in the 726s; it would run like a scalded dog ABOVE 2000 RPM!


Anyone that would claim they are directly interchangeable either has one they are trying to sell and doesn't care about repeat customers; or they flunked 7th grade physics!


11 hours ago, Kartman01 said:

The carb on the engine is a Carter 725 2bbl that seems to have an

endless list of ongoing issues.


The Carter WCD is one of the (opinion) top 3 most reliable, simplistic, easy to work with 2-barrels ever made at any time, any price, or anywhere.


Additionally, it is right up on the top, easily seen, thus easily blamed for everything! ;) For decades, I have posted that the older updraft carburetors were "much more reliable than the newer downdrafts"! WHY? Because they are much harder to remove, and someone will actually determine the real problem before tackling the carburetor ;)


Why not post the top of that "endless list of ongoing issues"? Perhaps someone on the forums can help you wade through the list. Even if yours does turn out to be not rebuildable, used cores ARE readily available, and reasonable in price.



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