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Window Switch Connector Query- 65 Riviera

Bill Loeb

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Most Exalted Ones, keeper of the knowledge, please offer your sage advice.

My 65 had a horrid short. It would vacillate between no draw and 16 amps. The problem was finally discovered to be the Master Window Light Switch.  Obviously with that short of draw, the switch and the connector were fried.

Being a base model, my switch is a 4-in-a-row rather than the Deluxe 2-rows-of-2.

The 4-in-a-row switch was used in a lot of cars, but apparently not so much in the Riviera.

My query is, oh Great Ones....is as follows. 

Do  you think that this is the proper connector for this switch, despite the fact that the compatibility chart says that it isn't.


power switch.jpg

Screenshot (69).png

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Looks to me like it is a match. You can test the switch with a continuity tester. The brass prong is most likely the hot lead and black and whites are your up/ down leads. Connect one lead to the hot/ brass prong and other lead to one of the whites or blacks. Move the switch up or down. You should get continuity in one of the positions. Go through each wire to confirm all are working and typical. Then go to the connector on the car and verify that the red wire is in fact a hot with a voltage tester and that the wire is the center hole corresponding to the brass prong on the switch. The black and white wires on the the connector should not show voltage when tested. Good luck

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