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2003 Regal GS, Joseph Abboud Special Edition- Parts


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Posting for a friend, Bruce Kile.


Hey Lamar, any chance you could help me "market" some parts we had for Shar's Regal that had the "encounter" with the tree in Feb last year? I would prefer to sell as an entire package that's why I'm offering the entire lot for $150. Heck, I might even consider delivering them (or meeting somebody) within 50 miles of Atlanta. My phone number is (770) 977-7924. I'll be happy to "talk" to anybody interested. I sure appreciate any help you can provide. 


parts for a 2003 Joseph Aboud Regal GS (BCA Senior car 2015) that consists of:
A full set (F & R) floor mats (obviously used but still in very good condition)
3800 "Supercharged" engine shroud (used but never greasy/dirty)
(3) Correct AC Delco Coil packs (new, never on car)
(2) Serpentine Belts, for supercharger & main drive (new)
*(2) Belt Tensioners 1 for S.C. & 1 for main drive (used but in good working order)
*(1) Original Alternator (used but nothing wrong with it)
(1) Gas cap (new)
(1) Valve cover gasket (new)
(1) Grill (new, never installed)
(2) (New, in the box from Rock Auto) Headlights (will fit Century & Regal for about 4 years)

*These items were replaced because thought to be the cause of "chirping". It turns out that the culprit was a bad
engine mount which allowed the engine to "sag". Installed new engine mount & "BINGO", no more chirping or squealing. 

I'd prefer not to "piece meal" the items. I'll sell the entire lot for $150. BTW, the coil packs alone were $125 (discount price)
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