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1956 Studebaker president

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This is not mine and I'm not in anyway affiliated with the persons selling it. 



Up for sale is my 1956 Studebaker president believed to be original interior car is located in Hankinson ND $5000 it is 92,000 miles on it and I also have lots of spare parts extra doors hood grill front and rear glass extra motor and transmission condition unknown
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Fargo, ND





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This is a President Classic, Studebaker's top line sedan for 1956.  Its on the 120.5 wheelbase, note the vent window in the rear door.  This longer wheelbase model was exclusive to the President series.  Compare it with the turquoise and white President sedan, which is the standard sedan on the 116.5" wheelbase sedan body shared with the Commanders and Champions.

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Wow, two very nice '56 4 door Studebaker Presidents in the not-mine forum at the same time, and both very reasonably priced.


I actually like those colors...but only on '50's cars. If my shirt was that color I'd throw it away. 😄

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