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For Sale: 1960 Buick Invicta 2-door Hardtop - "All original except paint" - Norristown, PA - Not Mine - 9/12 Relisted


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For sale on Ebay: 1960 Buick Invicta 2-door Hardtop in Norristown, PA  -  Auction with opening bid of $1,960.00  -  Call Mike:  610 212 68 two six or reply to Seller through Ebay to:  mp1359


Link:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/164976776882/1960-Buick-Invicta


Seller's Description:

1960 Buick Invicta 2-door Hardtop

  • VIN: 6G2016715
  • Mileage: 126,300
  • Number of Cylinders: 8
  • Vehicle Title: Clean

1960 Buick Invicta 2-door hardtop. All original except paint and service parts. Three owners. 126,300 actual miles. 401 V8, automatic trans, PS, PB, dual exhaust. 

History: Sold new in LA, California, moved to PA with original owner in late 70’s. Original owner passed in 1998 and his son inherited the car. I bought the car from him in Oct. 2011. As far as I know: Garaged since moving to PA, one fender bender, no major mechanical work.

Drive train: Original 401 C.I. Nailhead V8 w/Carter AFB carb, Dynaflow automatic trans (not Powerglide) and enclosed/torque tube drive line. Motor never apart or out of car. Original generator, PS pump, radiator, etc. 

Chassis: Solid frame, no rust issues. Original suspension front and back. Newer rear shocks. Entire brake system replaced, drums are original. Original gas tank and fuel line. Wiring is all original. 

Wheels & tires: Original steel wheels all around, with original hubcaps in excellent condition. I believe rear tires are about 20 years old. Front tires new in 2012. 

Body & paint: No major rust I’m aware of but there is filler for dent repair. Repainted twice - once in early 70’s (reason unknown), again in late 70’s, driver side only, after a fender bender. Color is similar to original Midnight Metallic Blue. Work is amateur, not as nice or straight as it looks in the pictures (mis-matched color, checking, cracking, chips, etc). Worst is driver’s door. Solid original floors and trunk. Glass is in great condition, no cracks, windows roll up and down nicely. Doors and trunk latch nicely, locks work. 

Chrome & trim: Front bumper looks OK, possibly re-chromed long ago. Rear bumper(s) not as nice. Trim is in great shape. Outside rear view mirror is after market. 

Interior: All original except for new kick panels, restored steering wheel, repainted package tray and dash parts. Original AM radio, pushbuttons are very fragile. Sun tach is not included, it stays with me. 

Extras included: Complete rear bumper and brackets, master cylinder, starter, solenoid, Waldron muffler, Buick service manuals, original owner’s manuals, receipts, etc. 

Work by previous owners: 

•Body work and paint. 

•Undercarriage cleaning & painting. 

•Motor cleaning & paint. 

•Steering wheel restoration & interior painting. 

Work by me, since 2011: 

•Replaced entire brake system (new master cylinder, rebuilt booster, new hard and soft lines, new wheel cylinders & shoes). 

•New factory style dual exhaust w/transverse Walker muffler. 

•Rebuilt starter, new battery and cables. 

•New hoses, new motor mounts. 

•Rebuilt carb. 

•New front tires, cut front coils for 2” drop, new rear shocks. 

•Bypassed gas pedal start system with pushbutton on dash. 

 Needing attention: 

•Subtle engine pulsing/vibration – a long story, contact me for details. 

•Slow starting when cold – slow fuel delivery and choke needs adjustment. 

•Leaks a few drops of oil, trans fluid & coolant. Does not prevent driving. 

•Emergency brake not working well – needs adjustment. 

Overall:  A rare, solid, original car with some unusual features. Last year for the fins and crazy jet-age styling. I drive it routinely around town, always draws attention. It runs good, doesn't overheat, no smoke. Drives like an old car, has a few rattles. Everything works except clock and windshield washers. Speedometer reads fast. 


Clear PA title, in my name. Mileage on title is higher than odometer - an old typo, nothing shady here, contact me for details. 

I welcome and encourage questions and inspections. More pictures available via Flickr, upon request. Feel free to contact me through ebay or call 610 212 68 two six. Mike.











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There is nothing that jumps out in the pics that the car was hacked up.  Inside trunk looks to be just the sloppy glue and seam sealer I typically see.  One would have to get up close and personal to make sure it hasn't had a bunch of mud work.  Looks like a pretty good driver.

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I always contend that it can be hard to assess the true condition of a car from looking at small pictures of it on a computer screen but I don't care much for this one. The driver's door is full of Bondo under all the paint cracks. Looking at the right side 3/4 view from the front it looks wavy in the rear of the passenger door & front of the rear quarter. The finish is cracking everywhere and a good bit of the car might have to be stripped. Plus there's a "subtle" pulsing/vibration in the 126K mile engine. The front coil springs have been cut and it's not an attractive color either for a 1960 Buick. It may be a solid car like the seller states but it looks like it's been banged around somewhat. I think the bidding is pretty aggressive for the condition of the car and the high bidder might be disappointed once he sees the car in person. 

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The entire car appears to be painted in lacquer as well as the door repair job which btw was put on too fast and too heavy but is a easy fix using lacquer once again.  Checking lacquer paint can always be quickly spot painted very easily even in front of your house if necessary .... sanded, primed over with epoxy then painted and blended using lacquer as it melts into the surrounding areas eazy peazy .... Car is what it is but an easy fix here and there for someone with hands-on talent and would make a great driving project.

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2 hours ago, avgwarhawk said:

A few things....there is a tack under the dash.  The muffler appears to be a Flow Master and not a Walker. 2 inch drop?  Suspect the car was raced around the neighborhood a bit? I would be very suspect of this Buick.    

Don't fall in love with that tach - seller says it's not included!

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OK Buick People: A fantastic car to either blow way apart and go through or....just upgrade and make it a super driver. The upgrade? Although this car has been well maintained it's probably gonna need some serious money thrown at it mechanically it if it's gonna be a super driver.  An up close lookie-loo, a stiff test  drive and get it way up in the air!!   Mitch

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  • 1 month later...

Seller listed on Hemmings for $16,500 Negotiable:


Mike. 610-212-6826




Seller’s Description: 

1960 Buick Invicta 2-door hardtop. All original except paint and service parts. 126,300 miles. I am third owner. 401 Nailhead V8, Dynaflow automatic trans, enclosed/torque tube drive line. California car from new until late 70's, then moved to PA.

No major rust I'm aware of. Does have filler, for dent repair. Has been repainted twice: a full repaint in 70's for reasons unknown, then a partial repaint on driver side after a fender bender. Amateur work - shows mismatched color, checking, cracking, etc. - is not as nice as it looks in the pictures. Solid original floors and trunk. Bumper chrome is fair. Glass & trim is in great shape.

Since 2011: New brake system (everything except drums), new dual exhaust, new starter, new front tires, cut front coils, rebuilt carb, new hoses, bypassed gas pedal start system w/pushbutton on dash.

Extras included: Complete rear bumper, starter, master cylinder, muffler, Buick service manuals.

Driven routinely around town. Runs good, does not overheat. Leaks a few drops of coolant, oil and trans fluid. Everything works except windshield washers. Has a few quirks you should know about, most notably a subtle engine vibration - too much to type - contact me for detail. Sun tach is not included.

Here's a link to 90+ pictures on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/193526332@N02/

Asking $16,500. Feel free to contact me w/questions or to discuss any aspect of this car in greater detail.   Mike. 610-212-6826.   Price: $16,500 Negotiable



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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1960 Buick Invicta 2-door Hardtop - "All original except paint" - Norristown, PA - Not Mine - 9/12 Relisted

I'm optimistic with how good one can make a paint job look with color sanding and touch up,  but if you can make this one come up good with all that crazed and even paint falling off,  you must be a paint god.  She's in the need a paint job category now.  Unless of course you are happy with it as is to just drive around then that's fine,  but I would suspect there is more you aren't being shown. 

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