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Auto lite horns

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I have a pair of autolite horns I want to use on my 1941 Plymouth coupe. Most of the horns have dome-shaped covers on the end to protect the diaphragm and electrical connections, but mine do not. (Nor do a second set I also own.)


My question: are the horns shown in this photo missing the dome covers or are they simply a different model horn.F250DBA2-F17E-4802-9156-CDAE82D187A3.jpeg.6a99c493a67c6483a8214082f55c8d0e.jpeg

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I have 2 stock 41 Plymouths, one of which has been in the family since new. That one has the exact horns you have in your photo, while the other one has the dome. Both sound pretty much alike but maybe the one like above actually has more of the "ship" sound to it!

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