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2020 Zenith award

Bill Boudway

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Your guess is correct, the winner of the 2021 Zenith Award was the 1917 Locomobile 48 Sportif Victoria by Farnham-Nelson owned by John McAlpin.  Runner-up was the 1930 Ruxton Model C by Rauch & Lang owned by Cal and Dave High.  






Here is a picture of the beautiful trophy.





The Zenith Award started in 2017 at the Annual Grand National in Independence, MO.





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The award has been in existence 5 years.  Bob, while it presents a challenge to have so many diverse cars (18 this year) it is also a perfect example of how AACA works.  Our awards are open to all and there is no design to take the winning cars from a certain era.  That diversity is a strength of ours (yep I know you are an early kind of guy).  So, a judging sheet was developed that offered other ways of looking at the cars.  We combined several different judging systems with ours and then made sure we had a great group of judges with impeccable credentials.  Lentinello and Van Bogart most of you know but we also added the Curator at the Dreihaus Collection and Graham Kozak from RMSothebys along with AACA Senior Master Judges.  We ended up with 10 judges in total and each judge judges the entire car independently and scores it accordingly. Simple math at that point. I know pretty well how well it works as I am the chief judge for this event. 

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Looks like any car could have won from the photos. It’s nice to see a very early nickel car win.......that almost never occurs.


We went head to head with the Ruxton at Amelia this year. It too is a fantastic car. Nice to see so many diverse cars eligible for the award. And a big thumbs up to all that qualified......they should all be recognized just for showing up for the competition .....no small feat. 

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