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Olds 442 Parts Seller


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I want to make restorers aware of a bad situation I am having with a parts seller. His name is Ron Memmer and he owns Ron's Classic Cutlass in Monticello, Indiana. He has 3 warehouses filled with New Old Stock parts for Olds 442 and Cutlass. He found out I had some of the rarest 442 parts in existence and stopped by and offered to purchase them. He spent alot of time telling me about his business and how he was honest. I believed him and like a fool took his business check as payment. That was 3 years ago. He texted me after leaving with my parts saying the check was no good, he would pay me later. He gave me a story as to why he could not return the parts. I am posting this so no one else gets burned. He are the actual text conversation between Ron Memmer and me:





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He actually texted me that he couldn't pay me because his money was going to pay the guy restoring a 1969 Hurst Olds that he bought, he even brags about that car on his website. Its been suggested that he pulls this trick on people, and when the value of the parts double over time, he then pays the original price on the checks. Its like getting free parts.

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