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Unique American Bosch Distributor


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Another part that I have never come across, this very uniquely designed American Bosch Distributor.


Might be a tractor part, outboard motor, but I've never seen anything like this for a car or truck...


Any help would be appreciated.





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Nothing unique about it. A common Bosch distributor for model T Ford. Tens of thousands of them were made and sold. Most of them are broken, or worn out. Good ones are somewhat desirable. Broken ones may be useful to someone trying to fix one, but they aren't worth much money.

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Yup. Had one on a Tin Lizzy years ago when the flywheel mag went south. If you don't have the gear that attaches to the end of the cam where the timer roller goes, it is not usable. Good for parts only. Dandy Dave!

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