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Can you recommend a car transporter?

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This topic was covered in another thread here a month or two ago.  Passport Transport was one of the companies recommended.  I used them a couple weeks ago to ship a car from Florida to California.  Passport did a great job; I would hire them again.

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I have used Passport Transport at least 3 times

and been very happy.  They do all their own 

transporting, in enclosed trailers, and when your

car is in transport, they give you a computer link 

so you can track their truck's location from its GPS.


Another person on here, Ed, is involved with expensive

Classics and always uses Intercity Lines, as I recall.


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Another point that is often made on the forum:

Don't shop merely for price.  There are plenty of

companies who are merely brokers.  Your car may

be on hiatus mid-way;  they may hire out drivers 

with lesser qualifications;  your car may be transported

in the open elements when you were expecting otherwise.

There are a number of horror stories about brokers.

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2 minutes ago, kings32 said:

Applewood motors out of Inwood WV . I drove for them for awhile . Bruce a very honest guy ,drivers take care of cars like they would own them. Kings32

I second Applewood, Bruce is a friend of mine and has transported very valuable cars.  He and his crew know what they're doing.  Can't comment on pricing, he's only hauled one car for me and that's a LONG story, I went with him (when he was just getting started in hauling cars) and it was an adventure.

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I only use InterCity, and can tell you nightmares about the others..............my favorite is one of the top three wrecking a 20 million dollar car because the kid trying to load the car couldn’t drive a stick.......but tried anyways. Just remember..........95 percent of the drivers don’t car about your car at all.......... InterCity only ships pre war cars with about half their guys.......because they care and have extensive experience with early cars. Starting and driving a 540K, a Model J Duesenberg, or an 2300 Alfa takes special understanding and maturity that most of the carries can’t handle. I see it regularly...........and what I see frightens me at every show or auction. Like the time a three million dollar car fell out of the truck while it was parked. That’s another story.

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