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1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Car Front wheel bearings

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-Anyone out there have a Source for 1920 DB touring car inner and outer front wheel bearings? 


These numbers appear on the bearings i have removed and are Timken numbers but hoping to find a alternative MFR.

To get these from Timken I am told it will be 25 weeks just for the cups......


Any suggestions


Thank you

Steve M

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If you have a store in reach, take the bearings to McGuire’s…..hope that is spelled right….and they can probably help you. I done up a 1963 Mercury Meteor Station wagon with a three on the tree stick shift. Both the front and the rear main shaft bearings was bad in the transmission, and when I took them to McGuire’s, I was told, matter of factly, that they only had seven of the bearings in stock, and any more would have to be ordered. When asked why they would stock seven bearings for the transmission of a old station wagon, the counter fellow replied that the bearings was by size and number, not by use. And the bearings he had in stock were left over from a project of restoration of the drive mechanism on a 1911 saw mill blade.🤗

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Just about every major city in America that has any type of manufacturing within it will have a bearing supplier..2 to several for a very large city .

Those bearings are sitting on a shelf someplace..

Let your fingers do the walking.If you could use a phone book back in the old days,they can walk just as well on a smart phone ,PC,Laptop or Ipad key board or pad.That sesrch will pull more then your local phonebook ever did or what this forum could.

.Bearing Suppliers, Industrial  Bearing Suppliers, or automotive bearings and roller bearings are key search words .


Good luck.

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