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K 20 side curtains

Old buicks 2

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    I will e mail you some of this information as it will make it easier for you to get to your upholstery shop.   Chuck Nixon (Texas) and Jeb Bailey (California) both have 1921 model 45 cars with side curtains.   Chuck sent me the patterns to archive and I must admit that I have not opened them yet.  I will do that soon as it sounds like there is a need for them.  Both would be worth contacting for interior and top photos so that the upholstery person knows what you are wanting these to look like.   Always start with factory or period photos if you can to know what is correct.  

One item to resolve is that there is a difference in the side curtains photos that I received.  I am not sure which one is absolutely correct, and which is close.  Here is my comment on that subject. 

Buick used 1 1/2" vinyl between the izenglass panels so that you could fold and stow the side curtains.  This also prevented cracking if the panel was flexed for a door opening.  It looks like the window was quite small on the early cars, and there was a large portion of canvas that brought less light in - but did allow the owner to fold the side curtain.   

You also have 4 rods that slide into the door pockets to make opening and closing the doors easier.   One of the curtain sets I looked at only had snaps and you snapped yourself in.  If you ever had to exit the car in a hurry, there would be a frantic attempt to undo snaps before you could get out the door.  Not the best idea, but it may have been the reason for adding the rods on the doors to make the curtains integrate better with the door.  Like many things there were improvements made each year.   The other problem was that the curtains were not able to be folded and stowed in the car.  You need to be able to keep these in the compartment in the back seat.    

If you have the 1920 Book of parts, that will show the details of what the side curtains look like.  Attached are 1921 and then 1922 copies from the book of parts. 

Your side curtain rods are slightly different from mine.  Easier to make.  Also a couple links to get you started.

If you do the convertible top, use tan on the inside as that is what was used, and it makes a world of difference to brighten the interior.  Buick use tan inside on the side curtains as well.




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