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51 Kaiser Traveler

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Nothing in Kaiser yet

The Traveler was their station wagon...split trunk lid, top falf raised, botton half dropped down horizontal..
Nice rigs; had a 49 3-door. Actually 4dr std body but spare mounted on left rear passenger door which was welded shut/locked in place...

Believe 51 was yaer of body change, in those believe spare  nder floor...

Companion Frazer was the Vagabond, if memory serves

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Welcome Terryallen,


I don't know if you are familiar with the area. What is interesting is that the area that car was registered to in 1959 was always hospitals, I never recalled any residential around there, not that there wasn't just always presumed it to be medical use property, I am sure something could have been hidden somewhere in there.  I am pretty sure that Stillwell was on the grounds of Downstate Psychiatric Hospital or Jacobi Medical, most likely it is named something else now. Pre-covid I used to go up that way once a month to an American Legion Hall for a club meeting of Union Electricians that do charity work in the Bronx and Yonkers  

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