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Prop Shaft Disassembly

Henry Boler

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Hello All,


I'm struggling to get the prop shaft apart on my '31 Dodge Brothers UF-10.


I want to get the drive flanges off so I can get to and replace the leather gaiters, but I can't work out how the pins that the UJ bearings are on come out of the actual shaft. I'm assuming they just press out, but am reluctant to press hard and break it so thought I'd ask before I try too hard.


I've attached a photo of the thing for reference.



Prop Shaft.png

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12 hours ago, c49er said:

The pins are a hard press fit.

They can gall pressing them out.

Sometimes they don't press back in as tight as they should...be careful!


Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I think I'll leave them in to be safe. There is nothing wrong with the bearings. It's just time for the leather gaiters to be replaced and the shaft to be cleaned and painted. I'll find a way of doing it from the outside.



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3 hours ago, jpage said:

If you can find any, get the covers that are split, lace up type, then you won't have to disassemble the shaft.


Good idea. I've certainly seen some before, but can't find a thing looking on Google. Do they have a specific name? I wonder if I'll just have to make some. Presumably that wont be too difficult...

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Send an email to Steve at DCM Classics of Michigan.  He has them in leather with a lace up and wire closure. They are not on his website, so you will need to email him. dodgecentralmi@gmail.com

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