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'54 is that right?

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If you’ll aim the camera from the top and side of the picture it should help with glare and reflections. Would love to see and hear more about it. Your dad definitely had class. 😁

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No unfortunately I do not RivNut. But I took the picture again and it's a little clearer. The picture has some water damage I think? Should have more about the car tonight. There's no hood emblem neither billbuickgs.... Lol.... My youngest sister had this photo of mom and dad in the backseat when they were dating, 58-59??


894 (1).jpeg

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Okey, it's kind of sketchy. Talked to my uncle, he bought the 54, gave it to his mom, which would be my grandma. She gave it to my dad. The car was green with a brown convertible top. My uncle also painted the car white, while dad had it. He had the hood emblem removed, and mounted the trunk lid emblem to the front grill. It was hard for my uncle to remember, to long ago. Here are some pics. My mom and her friend on the green buick. And dad in black and white pic with his letterman jacket. Sorry I couldn't give more info.



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