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1936 Pontiac Silverstreak Canadian made

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I have recently purchased a beautiful 1936 Canadian made Pontiac Silvestreak (I think DeLuxe) 6 cylinder all original. I have two problems,

1) I'm trying to find the motor ID as I was told it is not the original motor, I have the original sitting in my garage.
Here is what I have found.
On the front corner driver side just below the valve cover is the following numbers 517139

On the valve cover is the numbers what looks like a C 512119

On the lower part of the passenger side below the starter is the markings J 14 2

On the valve covers is written gm4

I was told this was a crate motor bought in the 1970's but I don't know what year is it.

Problem 2 when the car is left idling for a while then turned off, then turned on again, my coolant boils over and spews out of the filler cap. It is green coolant prestone all models all years. Temp gauge reads 190.

Thank you I am new on these so I'm learning.


see Google drive photos that may help 


Pontiac 36

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There were no 6 cylinder engines made in 1933.  Also, any Pontiac engines 1938 and older had an Indianhead cast in the side of the block.  The part number starting with 512 like is on the head started in the 1950 area.  There are other clues such as the dip stick and oil filler pipe that are obviously much newer.  I'm guessing it is a replacement engine made in the early 50's.  If it runs good, be glad you have it.  Your radiator problem is probably caused by over filling.  You are only supposed to fill to the petcock level on the side of the radiator.  Check you owner's manual for filling instructions.

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It is a Pontiac engine.  Chevrolet never made flathead engines like that.  If it was indeed a crate engine, it will be hard to determine exactly what year it was built.  Did you check your owner's manual about filling the radiator?

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Yes, its a Pontiac engine. I'll guess 1954 because it appears to have a 2 barrel carburetor (does it?), but that would only be conclusive for the manifolds.

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Yes, it is a 2 barrel carb, but the manifold would not come with a crate engine.  I'll bet it is a 1953 or 1954 engine out of a car.  Those were the only 2 barrel carb 6 cylinder models.  Like I said before, if it runs good be glad you have it.  

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I had to rebuild mine. It was a bit of work. Nice having a gas gauge though. Bob's Automobilia (Buick Parts) has sealed cork floats. You'll probably need a couple of those once the sending unit works.


There must be someone who rebuilds these professionally but I don't know who it is.

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