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For sale 1922 Buick 6/45


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1922 Buick 6/45 

a few extra parts 

motor needs 1 cylinder bored/sleeved

Has a top, all gauges wheel caps. 
 Great project car, i have over 6k into it, it’s a steal at$4,200. 
located in south central eastern Wisconsin. 





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On 7/22/2021 at 2:54 PM, B Jake Moran said:


Remind me what a 6 45 is in the heirarchy of 22 Buick’s?  Or any of you experts  

Not sure if this is what your asking or not but the 6 indicates it’s a 6 cylinder and the 45 is the model number for the Touring model.  Mine is is a 22-4-36 standing for 1922 4 cylinder Coupe.

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