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Westinghouse Generator 1922 Stearns Question


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I am helping my friend out with his generator. The field coils were done by a previous owner and they are testing fine. Armature looks good will test it later, the brushes look pretty crappy does anyone know the application numbers? The characters I can see stamped on the brushes appears to be B78

This is about 30 years older then most stuff I am familiar with, but ohms law is ohms law. Any help is appreciated


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John,  the correct make of brushes for the Stearns generator are Westinghouse.    Added into the search is the question of whether the gen is early or late as the books list different numbers for the brushes.   Evidently someone has changed the brushes to Bosch brushes (B78) to make it live a while longer.    For the early unit, I have a brushes that are extremely close in length, width and thickness but don't know about the mounting screw C -  C measurement.  Best to probably call me and we can discuss.   Tom   402-359-5762

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