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1936 Model N Master Cylinder


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Getting  ready  for  the  2021 Hupp tour in  Pittsburg Pa.  I  noticed a small  amount of what  looked  like brake  fluid on  the  hot  top in the  driveway. I  slide a piece of  cardboard under the  area where the  leak  was. Checking the  master cylinder and it  was  low on  fluid.  Jacked up the  front  end  and  put it on  ramps plus jack  stands.  That  gave  me  enough  room to  get  under the  car  to  see  where the  leak  was. It  was  by-passing the master cylinder piston. So  I  got  a new  master  cylinder and  installed  it. Full  brake  pedal with  no  leaks. See pic.  Just so  you  know,  this  car is  mostly original, so  that  being  said  it  has  small  oil  leaks  here  and  there. Nothing to  keep it  for  going  down the  road. 





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