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Upholstery Shop Needed in Massachusetts

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Can anyone recommend a good upholstery shop here in Mass. that can work on the Early Brass Car Tops?

Lot of the good ones are gone I hate to say.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I know of that shop and did deal with the previous owner Harry who has since passed away. 

He did the seats on my 1937 Chevrolet pickup.

They really don't do the real old 20's and under cars but I will ask them.

Thank you.

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Find a car show-  go look & ask questions--no harm there, but when you sign up with a shop & get it home, your neighbor always tells you whats  wrong--had a shop recommended to me,  saw their work at a shop--the pleats fromm the back rest too the cushion didn't even like up--best to do your homework first--Tom


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38 minutes ago, 13CADDY said:

Find a car show--go look & ask questions...


That's a good suggestion, though it will have to be

a car show with some brass-era cars with recent tops.


That suggestion leads me to:  Ask the local chapter,

if there is one, of the Horseless Carriage Club of America;

or ask a local owner of similar cars whom he recommends.


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Other than the buttons/fasteners would not a brass era top be fairly simple?    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a talented guy with no brass experience could do it.    Finding that guy might not be easy.    Our first go to guy in Worcester Henry DeSantis retired in the 80s,  and the guy he trained is for the most part done too.  

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Yes, putting on a brass era top is simple, but one needs to have patience and know the methodology.


For example, I usually spend almost a day just making sure bows are at correct height, correct location, line of top is correct, and so forth.  I’m doing just that right now on a 1910 car.


The other thing is that some shops will use the old top as a pattern.  It can be a reference, but not a pattern, as the new top must be fitted to the bows.  This means that the new top will be on and off the car eight or so times, as each fitting is done.  

Again, yes it’s simple, but if you haven’t done it or been taught how, there are failures to be had.

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