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1937 Buick 46S brake/ clutch pedal ?

John Jacques

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I'm getting closer and closer in putting my Buick Opera Coupe back on the road again. This setback involves the brake clutch pedal assembly. They do not line up with the cut out areas of the floor plate. It seems that the whole assembly is positioned about 1" to the right. This makes the brake/clutch assembly off center of the steering column. What makes it worse is that the brake pedal is 1" closer to the the gas pedal (not good). I have attached a few photos with hopes that it'll show the problem. This was a project car when purchased and the brake/clutch pedal assembly was already installed. One of the photos indicates that the pivot area on the clutch pedal is  almost right against the frame and cannot be moved to the left. I'm wondering  if the brake/clutch assembly is from another model, not for a coupe. Having a photo of the correct assembly would help a great deal, or if someone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Jakes



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Do the pedals and linkage to the clutch and master cylinder all line up properly?

What's stopping those pedals from drifting back and forth on the pedal pivot pin/shaft?

Looks like something might be missing.   If I can get under mine I will take a picture and post it.  The unfinished car is currently being stored in an enclosed car trailer...  space is limited to get a good look.


From Gary's picture I can see the master cylinder mounting bracket limits side movement of the pedals on the pin.   The pin must be partially pulled out.

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Yes,  that pin is either sticking out or waaaaay  too long.


What are the chances that the floor plate is not for the car?

But that still wouldn't account for the steering column not being centered between the pedals.

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Thanks to all of you who responded. I too thought that the shaft should not stick out passed the brake pedal, and that it was way too long. After a closer look at the shaft, I noticed a corresponding hole in the frame rail that was almost in line with the opposite end of the shaft, short of going into the hole by a distance that equalled the other end that was sticking out past the brake pedal.

As to the possibility of using a different floor plate, I contacted Dave Tacheny a few months back and was informed that he thought that all floor plates were the same.

It appeared that the master cylinder, pedals, and linkage did line up as it should.

Heres the good news!!! I tapped the shaft back into the pedals and positioned the shaft so that it rested inside the hole in the frame, and VIOLA, everything lined up, the pedals were centered between the steering column. ALL IS GOOD!!!! Thanks again to all of you for your input and photos, it's greatly appreciated.


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There should be a threaded hole in the shaft that lines up with the hole in the bottom of the bracket. A bolt goes in there to secure the shaft. On the 36, the bracket for the Master cylinder secures the other end with a spring clip.

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