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1957 Eldorado brougham in MA

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1 hour ago, ericmac said:

It would be madness to attempt a restoration.  I'd get it running and driving and just use it the way it is. 

They bring decent money now.........that said, no restoration ever is a winning financial deal. Car is fairly solid for its era. And it was rare and expensive when new. Someone will do the project. It’s too new for me, but I like it.

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The ultimate Cadillac vanity project from the time GM could easily afford such.  Now, an excruciatingly expensive restoration project beyond even that on a Continental Mark II. 

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I was talking w/ a well-know corvette expert and he happened to tell me all about Governor Rockefeller's Maharani maroon '58 Eldorado Brougham w/ faux straw-colored rattan roof. This guy is not impressed easily but it left a lasting impression on him for life. He vividly the remembers the car as a kid and was trying to explain to me what a big deal the car was at that time - just over the top. Nelson had special parking for the car in the infield of the Saratoga Race Course and Everybody knew when he was there.  

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