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1955 Buick kit by Maisto

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Received this neat metal car kit (already painted thank you 😊) for my birthday from my son👍.  I fit all the requirements to put it together, 8+ years old (yep, many more times that) and skill level 2 (ok, that might be open for debate).  I bet the interior would benefit from a little paint, I’ll have to think about that option.
Thanks MattB!



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My son found this kit and the hot rod kit I’ve already assembled at a store in his area of N California that were running a sale on them (he gets that “by it on sale” wisdom from his mother😀).  So he stashed them here back in May when he was home for a wedding.  I like them because they look good when done.  The white dash on this one seems like it would be better in black or red and the seats as red and black seem to fit the era.  

On a related note the bus got sprayed with paint stripper today….the adventure continues.

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41 minutes ago, Tom99 said:

Some detail work to the interior, and it should look good.

I would like to find one for myself.

Fairfieldcollectibles.com had them in stock.  Not sure if hobby shops in your area might have one.

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Done!  It really is a skill level 2.  No real issues, just the need to firmly push the door panels and engine compartment pieces into place.  It’s one of those “how much more before it breaks” feelings.  I did “paint” the top of the dash with a black fine tip Sharpie and the floor pedals too as they were white as received.  The Sharpie is a flat black when dry and seems to compliment the car nicely.  


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53 minutes ago, John S. said:

Nice work Terry. Cool car.

Thank you John.  It is a good looking car when done.  A better painter could do wonders with that all white interior.  The car is designed to be a slightly hot rod style build which includes a custom steering wheel and a dashboard mounted tachometer.  It was a fun way to pass the afternoon today.

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