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1935 Dictator 2dr.coupe parts wanted

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I received a request from an owner of a 1935 Studebaker 2dr.coupe for window regulators and lock mechanisms to bring the door mechanisms back to original.

The car he bought was butchered by replacing the side windows with electric window lifts.

Please help this elderly owner with his restoration

Robert Kapteyn


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Posted (edited)

It looks like that the regulators are the same on both 2dr and 4dr. 1935 cars.

Do your own research because I have been known to make mistakes.

Part number for the drivers side window regulator is 261075.

If Rex has a set of doors , I would grab them because 1935 was a very low production year.

If his doors have the remotes and window crank handles , they may work.

Robert Kapteyn

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We have a 1935 coupe, or rather enough parts to put one together, but someone would have to take it all.😊 We are really serious about passing this project on, but it's not for the faint of heart. I'm not trying to hijack the thread just trying to help.


Congratulations to the new owner of a 1935 coupe. We spent fifteen years trying to find an original that would not require a full restoration. I know that there must be some out there that haven't been street rodded, but I was truly afraid that none had survived. That was until one showed up at the International meet in Colorado Springs. It was Saturday, which is a get away day. As an aside, I had been on the bandwagon for years regarding moving the show to Saturday to involve the community. Anyway on this particular Saturday I had been trying to help two friends get their car to run right. My friends, husband, wife and I were in the hotel parking lot, virtually by ourselves, when in drives a younger gentleman in an all original, black 1935 Dictator coupe. He was local to the area, and I believe that the car had been in the family since new. He was quite chagrined when he discovered that the meet had ended on Friday. I was really excited and I took as many pictures of the car as I could, before the camera died. So at least one has survived, as original.


Over the last twenty I had only seen two original cars, one at the McDonald auction in Eastern Washington in the early 2000's and one the appeared at auction on Ebay, almost fifteen years ago. I bid on both, but was outbid by a street rodder on both occasions. So if anyone happens to see one, take note you may never see another.

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