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2022 Hershey date change?


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I was reading the "Are you registered" email that I received yesterday. All the way at the bottom it states that there will be a change for the Hershey meet for 2022 - that the meet will be starting a day earlier and ending a day earlier. Anyone have any insight on this change? Will it be temporary or permanent? Does it only affect the swap meet/car corral, or does it also affect the car show?

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So does that mean the car show moves to Friday? Or is the swap meet over on Thursday and nothing Friday and car show Saturday?

Sounds like another BS rumor to me.

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Here it is - copied directly from this forum. Posted by our own Peter G. Read all the way to the bottom...
“Hershey” is Alive and Well!
October 6-9, 2021
Deadline: August 15, 2021
Sadly, we continue to have to dispel a variety of false and malicious rumors that the Eastern Fall Nationals (known to most as just “Hershey”) is not going to continue. Once again, this is absolutely not true
October 6-9, 2021, will once again see a huge flea market, car corral and car show that is essentially unchanged from previous years. RM Auctions, as in years past, will conduct a two-day auction at the Hershey Lodge. On top of all of that, your club’s brand-new National Headquarters and Library will be open! It will be the first time many of you will have a chance to visit this great facility. So, please seriously consider joining us here in October and celebrate what is still the greatest antique car event in the world!
There are still some great flea market and car corral spaces available, 
and we really want the show to come back to pre-COVID-19 levels. 
Only YOU can make that happen.
Click here to fill out your registration online 
to show a car at Hershey
If you would like flea market, car corral or show car registration materials mailed to you, please call AACA National at 717-534-1910 or send an email with your name, member # and phone # 
to Sue at seitnier@aaca.org.
In 2022, you can expect a small change for the Hershey show – it will start a day earlier and finish a day earlier, but we will provide you with more details on that later. The fact remains that the Hershey Region AACA is committed, along with National, to be here for the Hershey Fall Meet for decades to come. We need your support and attendance to continue to make sure Hershey remains successful. 
We can’t wait to see all of you in October!
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HERCO keeps expanding the Park and now can have it open for the weekend for shows.  I like the idea of Monday setup and Show on Friday.   My 35th year and all I have ever seen there is change.   I don't think this will have a negative effect on the meet.

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On 7/20/2021 at 8:14 PM, ted sweet said:

if carshow  moves to friday i now people that wont be showing

Some will not make Saturday, others will make Friday......it’s probably going to even out.

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I wish the swap meet was Monday through Friday with the car show on Saturday. Unless you're not looking for parts, you never finish the entire swap meet before it ends. So a couple extra days would be awesome. 



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The swap meet has been sliding towards earlier in the week for years. The last time I went on a Friday (some years ago), a large percentage of the vendors were packing up by noon. You see the same thing at Carlisle. Even many of the large commercial vendors are packed up and out the gate by noon on Saturday there.

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