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Continental 16-S 8 cylinder Engine data


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I am searching for technical data suitable for rebuilding a Continental 16-S 8 cylinder engine used in the 1929 L8 STuTZ Blackhawk.

This is the flat head engine STuTZ bought from Continental for the entry level L8 Blackhawk. 

It would be good to hear from anyone with experience rebuilding this model or a similar model Continental 8 from this period. 


Thanks to all,


16-S Continental 8.jpg

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On the question of similar engines, can say a 1930  McCord gasket catalog lumps 8S, 10S, 11S, 15S, 16S and 17S under one list of gaskets...one head gasket, manifold gaskets listed "prior to 1928" and "1928-29"...limited number listed, no front covers, no oil pans...remember 1930 catalog so 1929 may be latest info at time of printing...

Jordan reportedly used 8SA (variation not in catalog)  14S, 15S, 17S...Moon 15S, so could be some invaluable experience there ...

OOPS---thought to look at a 38 Victor...noticed my 11S above was typo for correct 14S, ans Vic added 18S and  21S...

Had better gasket list,  and CHANGES:

Manifolds 1926 (first few engines), 1926-27 and 1928 up...

Cyl water jacket for 8SK-304 variation,,,

(SighSigh)Valve cover set for 16SK-304 variation (SK vehivles not ID'd)...

Sigh...I'm showing my age...Locomobile used the 10 and 15, Peerless the 15--more experience..

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