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Happy Birthday to my 1931 Plymouth

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A day late posting.

Per the Chrysler Historical records my 1931 Plymouth was built and shipped on July 18th 1931.  Shipped to South Salem NY.  I bought this car 50 years ago a few miles from South Salem.  I found out last year that the dealership that sold my car was in business from 1914 (started with Dodges) and sold cars until 2008 when they lost their franchise due to the economic downturn.  The grandson of Tator's Garage is still at the original sight and works on Vipers. There is a rather long youtube video with Chuck Tator.  It gets a little political as to why they lost their franchise.




Plymouth build card  with Key.jpg

Plymouth build.jpg

Plymouth in parade 2015.JPG

Tators Dodge.jpg


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