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Steve Rinaldo

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On 7/19/2021 at 3:35 PM, DavidMc said:



Have you received the book yet?  There is good information in it about how it works and how to adjust it along with modern alternatives.

What specifically do you want to know?


David Mic what books just saw a set on HCCA site if it's different let me know

Working on a deal on a 10 maxwell and if it comes about I be interested 

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David,  I purchase Steve’s car from him about five weeks ago.  Got a copy of your book with it, and find it very helpful.  Thank you for the effort you have put into it.  I got the car running on an idle with the Maxwell carb, but it had no power.  I put on a Holley NH carb and I was able to drive the car, but performance is somewhat erratic.  I am going to try the Amal carb as well.  Meanwhile, I am trying to defeat, or at least mitigate, the worst of the oil leaks from all over the place.  (On a sad note, you may see in other threads, that Steve passed away within the past week.)

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I was very sorry to read of Steve's passing, I only had brief contact via email regarding the Maxwell book.

The book has details of how to adjust the original carburetor, I know of two people here who have their cars running well on the original carburetor.  I did not have that information when I got my car (1912 AC) and I was not able to get it to work well.  So I fitted the Amal which works very well.  Maybe I will go back to the original sometime and try again .

As for oil leaks, its a total loss system so they leak lots of oil.  The book has some suggestions but if it's not making a mess underneath its probably not getting enough oil.  Good luck with the car .  I look forward to progress reports here on the forum.  David McCredie




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