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1929 Buick on Ebay--no streetrodding, please


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At the risk of stirring up a ruckus, especially with modified Buick owners, I just have to sound off on this one. Here is a spectacular '29 sedan with wire wheels, dual sidemounts, low mileage, an original unrestored car according to the owner, and it looks to me like it is the big series! WOW! (ebay # 2401072195). I'm drooling already. Now I realize a new owner has the right to do anything he or she wants to with their car, but it is actually suggested in the description that this would make a good street rod. At the risk of offending the car's current and future owners, I have to say that it would be outright CRIMINAL to streetrod a relatively rare, unrestored, original, complete car like this which is in such superb condition to start with! Granted, there are some cars that are too far gone to restore, and I actually have seen a few street-rodded Buicks at BCA meets that I have admired, but anyone who would destroy this '29 and make it a streetrod is completely off their rocker.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Ector, Texas

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Actually, it is a 1930 or older model.

The radiator, tail light, and dash are a give away that it is not a 1929. It is also the smaller series as the water jacket is in the head itself, where as a larger series has a water tube on the top carburator side of the motor.

The car does look to be in great shape and would be a great restoration project.

Lots of stuff is available for these cars.


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