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1939 Dodge 4dr

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that does better match a 37 grill though you are right.

Father in law died and left several vehicle that I've had to get rid of. Went pretty smooth I guess and this is the only thing left. Like I mentioned I have a title and assumed it was correct. Its the only 30's Dodge there.
Anyway I am not a classic car guy so I have no idea if it's worth anything or not.


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5 hours ago, keiser31 said:

Yep....1937. Looks to have quite a few parts that would be useful to someone.

The individual parts are worth more than the whole

But takes time, tools, money & skill to separate. And then a pick up truck and to storage for sale.

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23 minutes ago, TerryB said:

1939 Dodge had headlights mounted in the fenders.  Doesn’t seem like the fenders in the pictures have a mounting for them.  

It has been identified as a 1937 DB.

1937 DB sedan.jpg

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