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WTB - 1949 Plymouth driver 1/4 glass regulator p/n 1248875

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Part may fit other makes/models


I found the unit on the bay, the owner will eventually get a photo to verify it is the proper piece,

Bernbaums does not have one, another supplier in Ga. was very helpful, but they too don't have the regulator. Any help would be appreciated.

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4 hours ago, c49er said:

What body style of car?

Used might have to do....

convertible coupe. I would love NOS but expect used, as long as it's better than what I have.


Do you have one, perhaps?

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Those convert regulators have a delicate narrow rack gear. Most people do not take out the heavy cast iron pivot bracket, clean it and lube it so it pivots freely. 

Also that lower curved guide needs to be cleaned adjusted and lubed.

Then that 1/4 window regulator after also cleaning and lubing can be installed.

Give me a week if you are interested and I will look to see if I still have one of those drivers side regulators.


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