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New Wood Steering Wheels. Who makes them?

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22 hours ago, 13CADDY said:

Mike, I'd go to the bank on Stutzmans work--They made me new wheels for my 19 Studebaker--their quality & workman ship is top of the line--Tom

Tom how do I contact them?  

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I agree Stutzman is great but  my last two wheels cam from wood by Kevin in Washington he claims he can use several kinds of woods and finish one are great fingers joints are tight

$130 to my door can't beat that


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1 hour ago, ak said:

Michael, Glen Synder from Nazareth Pa makes steering wheels. 

What kind do you need?  I have a few. 


John , You said  you were visiting me in July ... what year? You have 2 days left.

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