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Need info on a 1916.???  International firetruck with a 4 cylinder Lycoming KB engine. The number appears to be KB161310H. The head has a casting K110 and KG or could be K6. The truck was manufactured by Long Manufacturing, Detroit. The serial number is 789__. Any info on specs, parts etc would be appreciated. 







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That is a neat find. Do you have any paperwork with it? Based on the logo on the front it would be several years newer than you are thinking. That logo was first used in the earlly 20's and was used for many years. But I am not sure that radiator shell fits the truck  you may have a mixture of parts. Keep us posted. 

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Is the truck a Six speed? Being wood spoked wheels I would say it's 28 or older. I have 2 29 Six speed specials not fire trucks both with steel spoked wheels. Looks like a fun project.

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With the Lycoming engine it is a SD or SL model produced from 1923-ish to 1928+. The Lycoming

engines have an oil pump made from pot metal. These oil pumps are the achilles heel of the truck.

The early to mid-1960's Chevy Iron-Duke 4 cylinder oil pump can be mildly modified to replace the

original oil pump.

  If interested, I have a Waukesha, 4 cylinder available -  model XOH, that was used in the IH trucks from 1927-1931.

Similar displacement & HP.



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Looking at the distributor cap and researching that cap, tells me that you have a 1924 -1927 engine.   The tag on the distributor unit (if it is still attached)  will be either a 368B or a 374B.   I have all the internal parts for that distributor available  NOS.  The brass tag with the KB model indication is definetly an add on by someone in later years.   KB models did not appear in the International line until 1946.

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