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Period road maps

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Found a 1956-57 NYS roadmap for the glovebox. 






At this point the NYS thruway did not traverse the entire State.  It ended in Fredonia which is south of Buffalo but not quite to the Pennsylvania line.  Also other missing notables are Rt 84 which cuts across the Orange county and Putnam County landscape with the Beacon Newburgh Bridge. There was a Ferry at the bridge location back then, or drivers had to traverse north to Poughkeepsie or south to the Bear Mtn Bridge to get across the Hudson River. 


Also missing is the Bay Bridge over Irondequoit Bay in the Rochester Area.  I hope the pictures stick. 



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Yes, a lot of the highways around Rochester are not accounted for.  There is 490 which looks into Rochester from Fairport on the East and Batavia on the West.  Rt 390 which travels South to Corning and the southern tier.  And Rt 88 which travels from Albany to Binghamton at a minimum.  Just a neat period time piece. 


Here is the lower Hudson Valley portion.



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