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Almost had her sold


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I had a buyer literality on his way to the bank for a cashiers check and willing to make the 170 mile drive to purchase my (all original)  41 Buick. Straight eight.   I went to move the car out of the garage to dust her off so she'd look her best when the buyer arrived and would you know...No start. Ok maybe out of gas? (the gauge does not work)  had  AAA bring  fuel .. No start .. sprayed starter fluid.  No start..  Engine  cranks but even with the starter fluid no temp start,  just cranks... I first thought bad fuel pump. it did that before with a bad pump but starter fluid would make it start for a few seconds.. not this time.  So  must not be getting spark to the cylinders?   NOT A MECHANIC HERE. my guess.    Drove a short distance the day before seemed ok but I think it died twice while out.  your Opinions of possible problems please. I can't get it to a shop till mid October as I'll be out of the country.   Glad I caught the buyer before he got to the bank.  Maybe she's trying to tell me something like..."KEEP ME "😊

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13 minutes ago, 414TATA said:

 Maybe she's trying to tell me something like..."KEEP ME "


Tata, since your car isn't alive, it's just a mechanical glitch--

and thankfully, probably a minor one.


A serious car fan may not mind the problem.  Just adjust the

price a bit to pay for its solution, and your buyer may still be

happy to be the next caretaker.

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Not to compare our  buick seller 414 here to anything near  ,but  twice in the past two months I went look and was prepared to buy on the spot 2 cars of the 20's that were advertised as running driving cars..about 2 hours drive  away each.


Neither would start .Both had so called new batteries and was one was dead. The dead battery fellow tried to jump then quick charge  it with one of those emergency gizmos ,but the sorry old heap  would hardly turn ,but was IT was able to give out a loud shot gun backfire!..Then the seller mentioned "oh,it does that some time" ..WTF!


The other non starting car,the guy finally shows me an old video on his phone of the car motor running...


Both these "jamokes" has several days to get these cars in order and you can tell by dust and  junk around( and the last minute text from them to text them back when I'm close) they hadn't looked at the cars till I showed up.


I knew from in the first 3 minutes on arrival on each car , that I wasn't close to being interested ,due to things like" perfect straight body" that was far from it and one with the worst fitting NEW?  sun bleached black canvas to washed out gray touring top you ever saw.


So  I F'en lingered over an hour plus with each guy to entertain myself and waste THEIR time pretending I was intetested and getting them in conversations of other interests till I got board and hungry! 


I left both sellers with "get it up and running ,call me and I come right back"

No one called yet...which is o.k. .




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I have posted these questions a few times. In most instances I ask all or some of these when considering a car to buy. I also use them to develop my sales presentation when I sell a car. It is in a seller's  best interest interest to address each of them as a part of the sale.


They are a guideline. I may not follow all of them particularly if a seller has not prepared the car or has given a poor presentation. Those are the cars I tend to just buy and resell at a good profit to fund my hobby.


1. Do you own the car and have legal proof?
2 Is the paperwork clear and free of liens, unbranded?
3. How long have you owned the car?
4. Is the car currently licensed and insured?
5. Can it be driven on the road, legally, today?
6 Is the car in storage? If so, how long has it been stored?
7. How many miles did you drive it during the last 12 months?
8. Have you done any major work on the car since you have owned it?
9. What and when was the most recent service or repair?
10. If you decided to keep the car what improvement would you consider important?
11. Would you feel comfortable handing your wife the keys and sending her out to pick up a gallon of milk?


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Your questions are good and along with pictures make for a better meeting of the minds and wallets. I found when I lived in Lexington KY and flew to Vancouver to buy a MK IX was the 100 or so pictures he sent were about 20 years old. The car was a rust bucket sitting on the frame in mud. Since that experience I ask for a pic with a current front page of a newspaper. Unless the guy is a photoshop expert it helps authenticate the condition of the car. This guy’s comment was “I though you wanted to know what it could look like after you restored it”. My wife saved me from having charges brought against me for assault or worse. 
Have fun

dave s 

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