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Hershey Fall Meet


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This is Joe Goss. Rich Anderson has asked me to host the meeting at my vendor spaces rather than the HCCA tent. His thoughts are that it will be quieter and not rushed at my spaces. I will later confirm my space numbers and we will likely set up a time for Thursday, which I believe is the usual day. My spaces are C2E38-41. It is the row when you get off the bridge from Green field Angie South . Known as the Royce Royce row ,but also has Universal tire and Car Buddy lifts. My space will list in the directory as my business ‘Woodgrain by Estes’. I will furnish some seating, but if you can easily do so, you might bring a chair along.

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Space number and time update:

Maxwell meeting is slated to be at Spaces C2E 39-42 on Thursday at 3:00. My business is Woodgrain by Estes and likely way more Ford T and A parts there than Maxwell. Questions call Joe Goss 765-427-7078

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