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48 Chrysler New Tires!

R Walling

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 A while ago I had posted a question about using the" brand new" (30 year old) tires that came on my 48 Chrysler.

 I received many messages that they were too dangerous to use. Some said they may blow out.

 Well I tried them out, and after two drives, a total of 10 miles, they felt like I was driving on a rough road in a stone quarry.


Cancel out those tires,  XXX


 I purchased 4 tires from Universal Vintage Tire Co. today.

 225/75R 15,   $1048 plus shipping.

 I will now will feel safe to drive it on the highway!

 Thanks to everyone that told me to scrap those "new" 30 year old tires.



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You made the right move despite the cost and effort required.

Not only is comfort an issue, but especially the safety of your passengers, yourself, and the rest of us on the road.


Enjoy the ride !

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