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1923 buick engine and parts forsale


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My Neighbor wants to sell his 1923 Buick engine and all other Buick parts he has.  Aside from the engine I saw 2 starter generators missing covers an extra cam, brake parts 2 axles with hubs.  And several buckets of smalls. The engine is free but missing a couple of valve cages. He wants $250 for everything, but you have to come and pick up the stuff.  If anyone is interested I'll go take pictures.

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Yes...same neighbor....I saw Big Blue sold this spring no upgrades ...for $26000......my neighbor tried to buy it back but lost the bid....hence he has no need for the parts without the prospect of getting the car back.  Everyone that has owned it wishes they had it back.  But as usual I'm out of space....

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Some pictures of the stuff....One of the starter generators is a "249" for a 1923   the other is a "268"   for a 1924 /25 master Buick...it has its cover and a distributor














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 Just for speculation what are the rear brake drums for?

 I have been in need of a ROUND non-scored and not-warped drums for my 1925 Master.

 Below are the specs as some 1923 models use the same drum.

I bought the other 2 model 268 S/Gs from you. That was before I bought my 1925 Master and now I have 3 spares.

 My 1925 Master has a real badly warped rear drum. Any leads on a good drum? This one is about 3/16 out of round and very worn on the inside.
 Interchanges with many 40 series models from 1923-1928
 Apparently, the previous owner drove the car quite a bit with only one wheel doing any braking. Using the E brake. I rebuilt the front brakes as most of the actuator assembly was frozen and broken internal return springs.
 O.D. 14"
  I.D.  13 5/8"
 Depth 2 1/2"
 Hub Bore 4 27/32"
 Bolt circle 6 3/4"
 According to the 1929 Master Parts Book....
Part #184606 is for... 
1927-Series 120
1928-Series 120 and 128
 Best regards:
 Larry DiBarry  717-263-3804
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Larry not 100% sure on the drums I'll measure them I think they were from the heavier rear end as was on the 1923 model 49...but you might note there is a complete 268 starter generator there with the distributor that i thinks fits your master....... You might want to walk on the far side with this little 1926 chevy car turned truck...i always need the room...tom


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The Buick parts are still available. apparently the person who spoke for them is not now interested.  Anyway I found a new home for the 26 chevy.  The parts are my neighbors if you wish to speak directly with him I'll put you in touch. Iam  available to lift parts into your truck

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