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Need help to ID wheels


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5 hours ago, 1937hd45 said:

Very nice wheels, are they for the Jumbo Balloon tires? Bob 

Honestly I have no idea which tires they are for. They are 15 x 5.5. I do know he would like to sell them after they are properly ID'd. Patent date is 1921, but that has no relevency to when they were made and what they were made for. Thanks Rod

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7 hours ago, graham 58 said:

Graham used a 5 bolt 5.5 bolt circle pattern in 1932 or 1933 for a couple years with a hubcap similar to the Desoto pictured above if that helps you . Where are the wheels located and how much is your friend asking for them

The wheels are located in Gothenburg, Ne. He has not set a price as he has no clue what they are worth. Thanks Rod

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Graham did offer 15 inch wheels in 1933, I have never seen wood wheels in 15, only disk wheels.  Lots were taken off an thrown in the barn because you could not find 15 inch tires in the late 1930s.  The paint on the wheels are consistent with original Graham wheels I have seen, just not 15 inch.  So yes they might be Graham.  They could be several Graham color codes dark blue with silver stripes.  Great wheels they should be saved.  The great part is with the correct wheel bolts they will bolt up to all 1933 Graham cars, the bad part is you only have 4 wheels


This is an original 1933 17 inch Graham wheel






1933 Graham Coupe with original 15" disk wheels


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Thank you. Think you all have helped him get a grasp on era and possible makes. The 1921 Patent date had him looking at earlier cars. If anyone is interested in the set of four let me know and I will get you in contact with my friend. Thanks Rod

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