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For Sale: 1937 Buick 90 Limited Limousine - $25,000 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1937 Buick 90 Limited Limousine - $25,000 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

1937 Buick 90 Limited Limo - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1937 Buick 90 Limited - Driver quality, black paint. Glass is original and all there. Chrome and stainless is in great shape. Straight 8 runs fine, does not smoke. 3 speed on the floor shifts like it should with no issues. Interior head liner is original and is old but good shape. Seats have been redone at some point and are in good condition. All lights work. This car has had some body work done here and there but nothing major. The under side of the car is in nice shape, no rust in floors and all of the wood is in excellent shape. Brakes stop the car fine. Tires are in like new condition. This car is almost 80 years old and it's 99% complete, you do not have to look for any parts. It would be very hard to one of these cars for this price in this condition, they only made 742 of these cars and around 300 were shipped overseas so there are not a lot of them left. This is not a show car, but it is a car that would do great at car shows or rod runs or just parked in your driveway. It has a working heater and a new battery. The original radio does not work but there is a replacement working radio in the glove box. 44,500 miles. Please call or text if interested

Contact:  AL (951) four-5-3-9-9-fourteen
Copy and paste in your email:  607d91913c1d39988c50466abd967afd@sale.craigslist.org
I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1937 Buick 90 Limited Limousine.

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA a.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA b.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA c.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA d.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA e.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA f.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA g.jpg

'37 Buick 90 Limited CA h.jpg

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This car make a statement of grandeur! It's a big elegant automobile for the well to do.  Two things I am not sure about are the color of the engine and isn't a  horn ring supposed to go on that steering wheel?.  Whatever the case it's a lot of car for the money!

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1 hour ago, deac said:

This car make a statement of grandeur! It's a big elegant automobile for the well to do.  Two things I am not sure about are the color of the engine and isn't a  horn ring supposed to go on that steering wheel?.  Whatever the case it's a lot of car for the money!

Engine is supposed to be Forest (darker) Green. There's supposed to be a horn ring, but there were issues with accidentally sounding the horn when turning (as a result, horn ring was recessed on the '38's), so maybe an owner removed it? 

Upholstery isn't close to original, and replacing it would be costly. The fixed front seat is a minus as well. Six-footers need not apply, unless they're young, skinny and limber.

I think $25K is pretty much all the money for this good-looking car.

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I hate to be negative about a 1937 Buick, but I had a chance to buy this particular car along with a 1937 Century that was owned by the same guy in 2015. At that time, it was in the midwest US. The seller offered the cars at a very reasonable price. I passed on the deal due to a lot of incorrect things on this car, as well as the difficulty of trying to arrange for transporting both cars the long distance they were away from me. It was purchased by someone out in California. As I recall, the new owner immediately tried to at least triple their money based on what they listed it for sale for a week or two after they bought it. It comes up for sale every now and then, but they never seem to be able to sell it. I know a bit about 1937 Buicks and while this is car is rare, if you paid $25,000 for it, I think you would have much more invested in it than it is worth and by the time you could correct the things that are wrong about it you would really be upside down.     

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13 hours ago, edinmass said:

Look close...........


Looking closely, I see grainy pictures and a 

few faults.  But I don't have the specific knowledge

of 1937 Limiteds that others may have.  So please

share the observations.


That's a great benefit of our "Not Mine" category--

to learn more and avoid pitfalls.

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Don't want to dump on the car..............but what the ad doesn't say speaks volumes. Why not say it has a replacement interior. Thats lets you know everything.

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The seller has not updated his ad text in several years. Notice that it claims the car is almost 80 years old. The car was 80 years old in 2017. The photos are also the same low quality photos from 2015 or 2016, I wonder how the car's condition actually looks now.


From a quick glance at the ad photos...

The battery has been relocated from under the passenger seat to in the engine compartment. The engine is the wrong color and has things painted that should not have been painted, so I wonder what else that is wrong that I don't see. Every single piece of fabric in the interior photos is incorrect... seats, door panels, etc. The horn button appears to be incorrect and the horn ring is missing. The steering wheel needs to be recast. The extra switches on the dash face ruined the otherwise original dash.  The original fuel pump has been bypassed and replaced with an electric fuel pump, fairly well hidden in the photos posted. From what I can tell, it looks like the current owner did install heater hoses on the car since he bought it and may have repainted the previously incorrect hood side vent panels, but with the poor photos in the ad, I wonder how well that painting was done.  The attached photo is a photo of the same engine compartment provided to me by the previous owner when he offered the car to me in 2015. In this photo, you can see the electric fuel pump clearly. In the ad photo, you can barely tell that the same fuel pump is there, but it is almost totally obscured. The original air cleaner appears to be gone and incorrect rubber fuel lines seem to run toward the carburetor.   


If you look at all of the ad photos, you will see that the windshield wipers are not working properly... probably not at all. When parked, they should be both pointing towards the bottom center of the windshield. They appear to be in various positions in different photos, but in one they appear pointed in odd directions which indicate that the wiper blade/transmission(s) connections are either loose or broken. With the fuel pump bypassed, it is likely that the vaccum portion of the fuel pump is also capped off, which means the wipers won't work.




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