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Identify this station wagon

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Can anyone help me identify this station wagon.

My memory is that it may be a 1973 Chevy Impala, but in looking at other pictures on the internet, it doesn't seem to match up.

Thanks in advance!



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Clamshell tailgates on full sized GM cars ran from 1971 to 1976.


The large side marker lamp puts it 1974 to 1976.


Caprice Estates had wood trim (might have been a delete option) and Impalas had no woodgrain decal (in the internet pictures, might have been an option to add them).


What makes it 1974 only?

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And that ^^^ is why a nice clamshell wagon is hard to find.


I'd like to find another one. Olds Custom Cruiser 1st choice, then Caprice/Impala, then Buick or Pontiac.


I had a driver 76 CC in late 80s. I was trying to get out of a parking lot and a 75 Chrysler Town & Country wanted in. Let's just say there was a few minutes' standoff...😏 A Clash of the Simulated Woodgrain Titans if you will.

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Second pic definitely a 69 Chevy. We had one in the exact same color when I was a kid (ours was a 4 door Impala sedan.)  As others have said, your pics show two different cars.

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