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1936 Dictator oil filter plumbing

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I ran an 3/16 in. line from the oil pump or oil galley just above the oil pan on the pass. side around the front of the engine to the oil filter.  This is the pressure side.   On the drivers side I ran a 1/4 in return line or drain line from the bottom of the oil filter to the galley just below the oil filter.  There are plugs on each side of the engine for piping.  Terry

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Here's a photo of my 1937 President block, Dictator/Commander block is similar but not identical.  The supply line comes from a 1/8" NPTF port at the front of the block, left side.  You may have to tap into the right side oil gallery as suggested in the post above.  The return line goes down to the lower edge of the block just above the oil pan, should be a pipe plug there to remove for the fitting.  Use 3/16" flare fittings, not compression fittings.  Single flare should be OK.  Just be sure there is a flow-limiting orifice 0.045"-0.062" i.d. somewhere on/in the filter housing.  I used copper-nickel tube for lines.



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5 hours ago, 1953 GMC Hydra-Matic said:

I think that this is the restricted correct? If so does it go on the side or bottom? Thanks for the information and help! Dennis 


That is a open fitting.  You need a smaller hole.  Mine were mounted at the upper filter side.

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