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Mercedes Benz, 1927

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I saw that one as well and the price left me wondering how it was possibly justified. A fairly bland late 1920's sedan . Compare to similar era Packards , Pierces etc for a small fraction of the price. SOME MB cars are really special, but I don't think this one fits that description.  

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"This vintage ’27 Mercedes is a very lucky barn find"

"No German paperwork survived the 2nd world war!"


He doesn't specifically mention any title, the recent issue over the legal ownership of the stolen 500K Special Roadster come to mind. 

Unlikely that anyone would make as much fuss over this sedan. 

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Nobody would steal that.



People think Mercedes and S, SS, SSK, 500K, 540K come to mind.  99% of the cars that were built under the Mercedes name plate were for people of modest or middle class means.

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