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Rare car that passed through my area. One Off JULIAN.


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Ive owned several super rare cars and our area (Rochester NY ) has yielded  some great brass and classics but this one beats most of them. The Julian  air-cooled radial rear engine car was only  30 miles from my house when it was for sale in the 1960s and Bill Harrah bought it. The price wasnt  that bad even back then. My dad and his partner at the "Shell Station" had a dozen antique cars all the time and upwards  of 20 at times . Here is a  article from the local paper  when it was being  scrubbed up to be resold. I wish I was older  at the time..... Maybe it would still be  in our area.

julian automobile.PNG

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The Julian is still with the car collection in Reno, and prominently displayed. The upholstery is something one really needs to see to believe, incredible! If I recall correctly, I read many years ago that Bill Harrah had had the original material exactly duplicated.

I first saw the Julian in 1968 when my family went to one of Bill Harrah's Reno swap meets. The Julian was my brother's favorite car of all. He for many years would say the one car in the world he really wanted was the Julian.

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