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Replacement parts that do not work on RHD cars.

viv w

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Morning all,

 I don't know if this has been discussed before but I would like to warn owners of right hand drive cars to be very careful when ordering parts for your RHD cars from USA suppliers.

 To start this discussion:-

1). Model A Ford clutch and brake pedal shaft and bushes are bigger diameter on RHD, the LHD don't work.

 2).The Model A accessory brake pedal return spring kit does not work on RHD.

3). LHD headlights and lenses direct the beam the wrong way for cars that are driven in countries where we drive on the left.

4). Be careful of mirrors, particularly those mounted on doors, lots do not have enough adjustment to change the reflective angle to work on RHD cars.

5). exhaust manifolds and pipes are often different and will not interchange, same with some engine blocks.

6). Wiring looms on RHD can be way different to LHD

 The USA suppliers are very willing to take your money and supply what they have, EVEN when you have specifically asked for parts for RHD cars.

Buyer beware!!.

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Sorry you have had this experience. My understanding from parts books is that manufacturers would indicate where different parts were needed, but I guess not always. I know of a bloke who ordered a wiring loom from the US for an AMC which created problems as the loom was for LHD and his car RHD. Things like window glass, doors, rubber, colour schemes etc were also often different on Australian built US cars. For example, the 1946-7 Australian Hudsons used 1939 US Hudson sedan rears and 1940 Hudson taillights. Yes, buyer beware, but vendors can't be expected to know every variation on vehicles sold outside the US which were finished off locally. 

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After restoring /rebuilding/recontructing from ground up a '28 Phaeton from left overs from 3 Agentina phaetons, used to build one show car previously.

I chose to build it LHD just to avoid to many special RDH bits needing extensive work or replacement,

though I would have of liked to have a GOOD Right hand drive "A" at the time.

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